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3D Faux Volume Lash Package Deal

3D Faux Volume Lash Package Deal

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100-Pack Wholesale 3D Faux Volume Lash Package

Grow your lash business with our 3D Faux Volume Lashes Package Deal! These high-quality faux mink lashes are cost effective and provide 100 styles to get you started. This great package deal includes 10 styles, with 10 of each style. Start your lash business today!

Our full collection of 3D Faux Volume lashes in a wholesale package with ten of each lash style.


10 - Dahlia
10 - Daisy
10 - Dandelion
10 - Lavender
10 - Lily
10 - Lotus
10 - Orchid
10 - Petunia
10 - Rose
10 - Tulip

** No product substitutions

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